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Dealing with a YouTube copyright dispute
Here's how I dealt with a copyright takedown notice filed against a video I created and posted on YouTube and how you can prevent claimants from grabbing the YouTUbe monetization from your own videos . . . keep reading

Free Video Editing Program and video templates
Grab this free Video Editing program along with ready-to-use video style templates and thousands of audio clips, video transitions, pip effects and title templates . . . keep reading

Quickly create YouTube videos without needing a camera
In this short video I show how to use free tools to quickly create attention getting videos for YouTube without needing a video camera or expensive video production equipment. Includes example video . . . keep reading

Camtasia settings for getting best results
In this short video I show how to set up Camtasia Studio and Camtasia recorder to get best results whether uploading to YouTube, your own web site or for output to DVD. These small changes can make a big difference in output quality . . . keep reading

Find funding for your subscription web site
If you are thinking about starting a subscription web site, read this article first. In it you'll learn about the kinds of subscription web sites that can attracts millions of dollars in funding from private equity firms . . . keep reading

Hollywood quality film produced by one of our members!
Ever thought of forming your own film production company and turning out Hollywood quality productions? One of our members here has done just that, and in this article you can see his latest production. Prepare to be amazed . . . keep reading

Generating $5,000 a month from your internet empire
In this short article I lay out a strategy for you to generate $5,000 a month (or more) from your internet, Amazon, YouTube, eBay and video production business. Once you see this strategy, you'll understand why it is easily within your reach . . . keep reading

Ten Last Minute Gift Ideas under $65 for the Product Developer / Video producer
Here are ten items under fifty dollars that anyone producing video products would love to have. All would make great additions to any video studio, especially for those just getting started . . . keep reading

Marketing with PostCards - an example
Yes, some people still do market their products with postcards. Depending on the product and the promotion, it can sometimes be effective. But not always. See the example in this article . . . keep reading

Here's the secret to great results with Camtasia 7 & earlier versions
Want to show fine details and small text in your Camtasia screen recordings, even when uploaded to YouTube and your web pages? In this short video I show you how to do it . . . keep reading

Creating Hollywood quality custom intros for your videos, webcasts, and camtasia tutorials
Bill Myers
Here's an example of the kind of Hollywood quality intro's you can quickly create for your videos, web-casts, TV shows, & Camtasia tutorials - if you start with the right tools. This one took me less than 10 minutes to put together . . . keep reading

Change these settings to get the best results with Camtasia
In this article, I show how to set up Camtasia Studio to get the absolute highest quality from your screen capture videos. Take just three minutes to make these changes and you'll be amazed . . . keep reading

Camtasia Tip: Here's how to add product ads and links to your site in your Camtasia videos
If you are creating videos with Camtasia, you'll want to use the technique shown in this short video to help viewers find your web site as well as find and place orders for your products . . . keep reading

Another great source for free Royalty Free Music you can use in your video productions
Here's a great place to find really nice sounding royalty free music you can use in your web and DVD video productions. More than 25,000 music tracks, ready for immediate download. A great resource to know about . . . keep reading

Checklist for choosing the right video camera
If you plan on shooting how-to videos or videos of workshops and seminars, or video for the web, use this checklist to make sure you get the right video camera for the job. Includes recommended cameras for different budgets . . . keep reading

Displaying 1 thru 15 of 149 Found  NEXT

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