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Tip of the Week

Every week we email a free tip, technique, or strategy about doing business on the web.

The tips are short, to the point, and cover a wide range of subjects. To sign up for the tip of the week, use the sign-up form on the right.

Find the archives of the Tip of the Week below.

Digitizing Old Photos
Bill Myers - November 18, 2016
Here's the quick and easy way to digitize old photos and documents without needing to use an expensive scanner . . . keep reading
Avoiding the crowds on Black Friday
Bill Myers - November 11, 2016
Here's how to avoid the crowds on Black Friday and still get the deals you want. Or why you might just want to stay home and enjoy the holidays and not shop at all . . . keep reading
Free Brochure and Flyer Creator
Bill Myers - November 4, 2016
If you need to quickly create a great looking brochure or flyer and don't have the time or patience to use a complicated image editing program, you'll want to see this free tool that uses pre-made professional templates you can use to create a flyer or brochure in just a few minutes . . . keep reading
Looking human on webcam
Bill Myers - October 28, 2016
Here's the secret to looking good on webcam or FaceTime. Works with tablets, phones, laptops and even desktops . . . keep reading
Cats and Goats
Bill Myers - October 21, 2016
If you've monetized your YouTube channel and you're trying to figure out what kind of videos you can create to get the millions of views you need to reap tens of thousands in AdSense earnings, here's the secret . . . keep reading
Optimizing Images for the Web and Books
Bill Myers - October 15, 2016
Here's the quick and easy way to optimize images to minimize file size and speed up page loads whether on the web or in Kindle books . . . keep reading
Disaster Preparedness
Bill Myers - October 8, 2016
Here's what to do before a disaster strikes so you and your family don't end up as refugees sleeping on the floor in a crowded gymnasium or standing in line for scraps of food. Simple preparation can save the day . . . keep reading
The Banana video business model
Bill Myers - October 1, 2016
Want to get millions of views with a YouTube video, but don't have a camcorder or good speaking voice? No problem. Just follow the Banana Video business model. . . . keep reading
What Yahoo's Massive Hack means
Bill Myers - September 23, 2016
Even if you've never used a Yahoo asset, the theft of over a half billion Yahoo login names, email address and passwords will probably affect you. Here's how to protect yourself . . . keep reading
Garage Sale Millionaire
Bill Myers - September 16, 2016
Could you be the next garage sale millionaire? Like the person who paid five dollars for an ugly painting found at a yard sale - that turned out to be by Jackson Pollock and worth ten million dollars . . . keep reading
Easy video monetization
Bill Myers - September 9, 2016
One of the easiest ways to generate income these days is to turn on monetization on your YouTube account and upload videos to it. Here's how to create videos without needing a video camera or video editing software . . . keep reading
Malware Emergency Response Tool
Bill Myers - September 2, 2016
Here's the free tool from Microsoft that can save the day if your computer becomes infected with a virus or malware. Use it to check even if you don't think you have a virus . . . keep reading
Gone but you can get it back
Bill Myers - August 26, 2016
You're working on a project and somehow you've deleted a file you absolutely need to complete the job. It could be a photo, a music clip, a pdf, an email, maybe even a book you've spent months writing. Here's how to get it back . . . keep reading
Add thousands of free books to your library
Bill Myers - August 19, 2016
Here's where to go to find thousands of free fiction, non-fiction and how-to books to your ebook library . . . keep reading
Strike a Pose
Bill Myers - Aug 12, 2016
The eggheads at Princeton University have been busy. Along with their frat parties and 'pull my finger' pranks, they been working on some interesting projects in their computer labs. . . . keep reading
Write a book in an hour or less
Bill Myers - August 5, 2016
Here's one way to craft an interesting book in an hour or less without needing the skills of a polished writer . . . keep reading
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