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New DVD from Bill Myers - Metal Detecting Florida Beaches | Artifacts Search 

Artifacts from my life in Product Development

This is the place we store all the old examples of material I have developed over the past 15 years.

Some of it is quite amusing, much of it still valid.

Most of the products mentioned in these 'artifacts' are no longer marketed by me, but you can probably still find them on ebay.

The following presented for your enjoyment!

The Most Profitable Ad I Ever Ran
Here is the story behind the little ad that generated more than $500,000 in sales for our publishing business . . . keep reading
Ten Tips for Choosing the Right Internet Business
Use these guidelines to help you hone in on the perfect internet business to meet your skills and income needs . . . keep reading
The Quick and Easy way to Create How-To Books
Here is the secret to creating a quality how-to book quickly and efficiently. Use this technique and you can create a great book in a single day! . . . keep reading
Internet Marketing 'Don't Do This' Checklist
Review this checklist before you launch your internet marketing campaign to make sure you aren't making these fatal marketing mistakes . . . keep reading
Photos of My Desktop Video Studio
Check out these photos of my desktop video studio layout - see the camera, the lights, the teleprompter - see it all in these photos . . . keep reading
How not to write a display ad
An example of how to turn a non-profitable ad into a profitable one by changing just a few words . . . keep reading
The quickest way to make a million dollars?
This is an example of a 'bullet list' insert used to help convey a point of view - used with a sales letter . . . keep reading
Back End Offer - a different angle
An example of a unique back-end offer which turned non-customers into clients . . . keep reading
Video Marketing Letter - Sales Letter
This is an excellent example of a very effective sales letter. It illustrates the how to tell an interesting story, how to use premiums, how to make an appealing offer, and how to not turn off potential customers by avoiding hype . . . keep reading
Example of Sales Letter for Video Production Workshop
This is an example of the sales letter we used for the Guerilla Video Workshops. . . . keep reading
Letter asking for permission to show products (useful for getting 'review' copies of products)
This is an example of the letter I used to get permission to show different products on my videos, and also encourage companies to see me products for review. . . . keep reading
Relationship building letter example
A personal letter written to Jerry Buchannan of the Tower's Club thanking him for the mention in his newsletter, as well as providing a marketing tip . . . keep reading
Letter of Advice about getting into the information publishing business
A long time ago, in a far away planet, I offered some advice to someone interested in getting into the information publishing business. Here is that advice . . . . . . keep reading
Towers Club Testimonial Letter
This is an example of the testimonial letter I sent to Jerry Buchannan editor of the Towers Club Newsletter. . . . keep reading
Example Testimonial Letter
This is an example of the testimonial letter I sent to Gary Halbert, which resulted in me eventually working and speaking at his workshops . . . keep reading
Gold Tester Sales Letter
Bill Myers
This is the sales letter for the pocket Gold Tester. This letter was developed during the Direct Mail Bootcamp, and was used successfully when mailed to the right target audience. (pdf format) . . . keep reading
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