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Press Release-O-Matic: Create Perfect Press Releases

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Use this to instantly create the perfect press release for your business or product - just fill in the blanks and click 'create'

Press Release-O-Matic

This is the tool I developed to automate the creation of press releases and cover letters. Just fill out the forms, click the button, and you'll have your press release.

To get the best results, move your mouse over the ? Help Icon next to each form field entry. A message with quick tips and suggestions for the field you are entering will appear.

Use the following menu to get started.

Press Release-O-Matic

Press Release-O-Matic is designed to automatically create ready-to-use press releases pre-formatted for best results.

Just enter the information requested, click the 'Create' button, and your press release is created for you.

Press Release-O-Matic also can instantly create a cover letter you can use to send out with your press release. Just fill in the form, click 'Create', and it will be created for you.

All Press Release-O-Matic pages are designed to be printed as well as placed on your web site.

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Printer-Friendly Format