Finding the best deals
Bill Myers November 26, 2011

Here's how to find those amazing deals on electronics, toys, computer gear and more.

In last weeks tip of the week, I provided links to what I considered to be some of the best heavily discounted camera deals for product developers.

For example, I showed how to get the highly rated Canon HF M400 video camera for $329 - which is $400 off it's normal price. You can find that deal at

If you want to keep up with deals like that and don't want to fight the crowds at the big discount stores and shopping malls, do what I do.

I check the 'hot deals' forum at the SlickDeals web site.

There you'll find up-to-the minute deals posted by bargain hunters from around the world.

For example, just yesterday, one of the deals linked to a store offering reconditioned Apple Ipads for $259. Those that acted quickly got a great price.

But like many great deals, that one sold out quickly.

To find deals like this, visit, and then click the 'Forum' link, then the 'hot deals' link.

That's where you'll find the latest and most talked about deals.

And if you're in the UK, try this UK deal site

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