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Just who is Bill Myers?

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Just who is this Bill Myers guy and why would anyone be interested in subscribing to his web site?
Bill Myers hard at work (editing videos!)<br><br>
   Bill Myers hard at work (editing videos!)

Most people visiting this site probably already know who Bill Myers is, but just in case you're not familiar with him, here is a brief outline of his accomplishments.

In General
If you've bought how-to books, videos, CD ROMs, or product development tools, then you've probably seen or purchased one of Bill's products (or a product created with one of Bill's software tools).

Not only has he developed a wide range of successful products (including 50+ videos and several blockbuster software packages), he also developed tools that have enabled thousands of others to jump into the product development business and start creating their own products.

Here are a few of Bill Myers accomplishments:

Software Developer

  • MemberGate - Internet content publisher and subscription web site manager
  • eShowcase Pro - Fully automatic internet mall creation and management program
  • Vend-O-Matic - instantly create web vending sites
  • Press Release O Matic - instantly create perfect press releases
  • Developer's ToolKit - Instant project analysis
  • ezOrderForm - Internet order processing system
  • ezContact - Internet contact system
  • ezMenu - Internet menu creation system
  • Order Desk Pro- Full Featured Mail Order Tracking System
  • ViewBoss - Automatic Multimedia CD ROM Developer
  • Shareware Boss - Shareware CD ROM Interface
  • Text Boss - Text on CD ROM Interface

Video Producer

Bill has produced and appeared in more than 60 how-to videos, including:

  • Product Development for Profit
  • Tools of Product Development
  • Desktop Video for Profit
  • Publishing for Profit
  • Software Development for Fun & Profit
  • Product Development for the Internet
  • Web Cam for Fun and Profit
  • Producing Low Budget TV Commercials
  • Producing a Newsletter for Fun and Profit
  • Desktop Video & the Amiga
  • Advanced Guerilla Video Techniques
  • Producing a Home Shopping Show for Fun & Profit


  • Black Box Newsletter
  • Satellite Watch Newsletter
  • Desktop Video Newsletter
  • Video Marketing Newsletter
  • Myers Direct
  • Product Development Letter
  • Product Developer's Diary


  • Black Box Solution
  • Smuggler's Blues
  • Golden Fleeces
  • Unfair Advantage Letter Book (Volume I & II)
  • Insider's Guide to Direct Mail
  • How to Earn $30,000 a Month with Low Budget Direct Mail Projects
  • 300 Best Headlines Ever Written
  • Mining Gold from Government DataBases
  • How to Earn $30,000 a Month with CD ROMs
  • 301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets
  • How to Write Profitable Classified Ads
  • How to Design & Promote Your Internet Storefront
  • Future Watch (volume I & 2)


Bill's copywriting skills are legendary. The sales letters he has written have pulled in millions of dollars, and created mail-order empires for his clients. His two books that contain over 300 pages of his best sales letters and ads had become a cult classic.

Bill's success in retail and classified ad writing is also well known. One of his ads in Home Office Computing generated over 5,000 inquiries in just 30 days! Bill's press releases are also well known inside the industry. Many have been printed in major magazines, and Bill has even received payment for them from magazines editors who thought they were actual articles!!

The point of all this . . .

The above information is not presented to impress anyone, just to show that Bill Myers has an established track record as a successful product developer - developing videos, books, CD ROMs, software, newsletters, web sites, and more.

The information, articles, tips, tools and techniques presented within his web site are based on years of experience and designed to help others get into and succeed in the product development business.

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