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How to become a millionaire
Bill Myers - June 21, 2008
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How to become a millionaire

If you want to become a millionaire, start a business.

At least, that's according to Lee Ann Obringer, author of 'How to Make a Million Dollars'.

In her research, she discovered the majority of self-made millionaires are self-employed business owners who had a great idea and the skill to bring that idea to life.

No doubt, you've got plenty of business or project ideas. Now, you just need to turn those ideas into a revenue generating business.

And that's what we try to cover at - with how-to articles, project suggestions, tutorial videos, and helpful advice to move your ideas into profitable businesses.

To give you a little inspiration, check out the article 'Solo Entrepreneurs: Big Bucks From Tiny Computing Startups'. Find it free at

After you read that article, you'll understand why I love, operate and show others how to build their own lifestyle businesses. With no employees, little or no overhead, low startup costs, and high revenue potential.

You can find many of these kinds of projects in our 'project ideas' department at

If you are interested in 'How to Make a Million Dollars', find the full report for free at

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