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The Best Anti Virus software for Your Computer - and it is Free!

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If you have been looking for anti-virus software that won't mug your computer, but still give you top notch protection, this free antivirus program is the one you want. Even includes free virus profile updates.

The problem with most anti-virus programs (ie Norton and McaFee), is once you install them, they slow your computer down as much (or more) as having a virus on your computer.

In fact, a recent study suggested that having Norton Anti-Virus installed can slow your computer by as much as 80%!!!

So in effect, having Norton, or some of the other costly anti-virus programs installed on your computer, can be worse than having a virus (in terms of computer performance).

But not all anti-virus programs are this way.

In fact, one of the best anti-virus programs is not only free, it will not adversely affect the performance of your computer, and will protect your computer, your web browser, and your email from possible virus infection.

The land of the free

About a month ago I started searching for a strong anti-virus program, and in scanning many articles, one program was mentioned over and over as being the best. It was AVG from grisoft.

As it turns out, this 'best anti-virus' program was available for free (no strings attached), and had all the features of the more expensive commercial anti-virus programs.

So I decided to give the program a try.

I downloaded and installed the free version, and have been using it for a month.

And I must say I am quite impressed.

The program works behind the scenes, checking web pages, downloads, and email, and except for the popups that appear when it cleans your email, you'll forget the program is installed - as it doesn't slow your computer performance.

But it does seem to be a very effective anti-virus tool. And it does automatically check for and download virus profiles (daily).

And as I mentioned above, it is a very highly recommended anti-virus tool.

So, if you've been looking for a solid, consider trying the free AVG anti-virus program. Find it at

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