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Headphone / microphone recommendations for Google Talk or Skype
Bill Myers
Printer-Friendly Format

In last weeks tip of the week, I mentioned how we use Google Talk to communicate with associates throughout the world.

Several people who read that tip asked me to recommend a good microphone to use with voice-over-the-internet sevices like Google Talk and Skype.

So here goes.

My personal choice of microphone is the Plantronics DSP-500 headset.

This headphone / microphone combo provides great sound quality, is easy to connect (via USB), is comfortable to wear, and is affordable at under $60.

For those who prefer not to wear a headset, my recommendation would be a Logitech USB desktop microphone.

The Logitech is a plug and play, all digital microphone designed for an office environment. Features include noise cancelling, and a mute button.

The suggested retail price of the Logitech USB microphone is under $30 - and you can often find them on sale for under $20.

We have both of these microphones in our offices, and are very pleased with the ease of use and quality of sound.

Having a microphone connected to your computer opens up a new world of possibilities - and with great microphones available for under $30, there is no reason not to have one ready when you need it.

Printer-Friendly Format
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